Energreen: Maximum safety in the woods

Always focused on the evolution of the market, the constructor from Vicenza proposes a complete range of remote-controlled machines for forestry use.

It’s been 7 years by now, since Energreen has introduced on the market its first remote-controlled machine, RoboGREEN.

Along with the strong experience accumulated in the construction of particular self-propelled grass cutting machines, with arms from 6 to 17 meters in length, the introduction of these particular remote-controlled tracked machines, which make of the safety their main strength, has soon been successful.

In 7 years, more than 1000 RoboGREEN have been constructed and distributed in more than 25 countries in the world. In addition to this 40 HP machine, other 3 models have been realized: RoboECO with a power of 33 HP, RoboMAX with 80HP and RoboPOWER with 140/173 HP, all equipped with tracks of various types.

Since their introduction, RoboMAX and RoboPOWER have shown a great inclination to work in forest environments, since they are both equipped with cutting heads with fixed teeth that exploit fully the great power of the independent hydraulic circuits of these machines.

As mentioned earlier, the safety is our main prerequisite. Considering that these machines can work up to 55° slopes, it is required that they have a particularly low center of gravity, a particular lubrication system, and a particularly intuitive remote control that allows the operator to work with ease.

In addition to the activity in the forests/woods, these machines can work in other environments like: maintenance of ditches, truck stops and slopes in the highways; maintenance of embankments, canals, dams along watercourses; maintenance of slopes of delimitation, barrages along railways. Moreover, council works like maintenance of schools, parks and sports centers and in certain demarcated areas like military bases, airports and dangerous areas, mentioning also photovoltaic installations, electrical rooms and other sites where the safety of the operator must be ensured and this is not possible using traditional machines with man on board, like tractors, lawn mowers, etc.

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